Yes! I do love light painting

. August 31, 2009

Among many effect in photography, the most that i . is Light painting. Light painting that also known an Light graffiti does create a stunning effect like a neon. This special effect requires a camera with shutter control capability.

Ok. Here is what we need :
1. A camera with shutter control capability
2. Tripod (optional)
3. LED torch
DIY step-by-step :

1. Set up ur tripod. Tripos is used as an optional to prevent shaking on ur result image.
2. Mount ur camera to the tripod and set the camera to "Shutter Priority [s]" mode.
3. Now u can set ur shutter time depend on what image u want to create.
example : set ur shutter time to 8" (8 second). So u have 8 second to do ur action in front of the camera.
4. LED torch is used to draw any shape ; painting on the air. U can do a test capture by writing ur name on the air. I suggest the LED torch b'coz it comes in a various colour. Or u can DIY ur own LED torch instead of buying it.
5. Here it starts. Ask someone to click the shutter button. When it's clicked u can now act with ur LED torch until the shutter closed.

After a little Photoshop, this is the result :
This is my art submission to my Deviantart account.
p/s: Maybe my explanation is not very well formed but ill try to update this post soon :) hope this help for those who wanna learn a little bit about light painting.

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